Through the maze

For the last few weeks, my morning commute to work has involved going through a maze of detours and stop signs. The entire intersection and bridge crossing over Interstate 75 near my school is being redone. Watching the progress of the workers as they have shifted traffic over the last 8-9 months for this huge… Continue reading Through the maze

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Stuggling through the weeds

I came back from my spring break trip to New York to a mess - in my flower garden. After several cool rainy weeks, and then a warm week-end, the weeds had gone crazy, covering all my little flowers trying to come out to enjoy the sunshine. Despite my best efforts at putting down mulch… Continue reading Stuggling through the weeds


Whose are we? Lenten Devotional

This is a devotional I wrote for the Lenten Devotional at my church, Calhoun First United Methodist. If you are interested in reading more of our devotions during Lent, please follow us at calhounumc.wordpress.com. Enjoy! Saturday, March 11 Spiritual Questions: Whose are We? Matthew 4:1-11 Millicent Flake We have been asking ourselves this week who… Continue reading Whose are we? Lenten Devotional